Sacred Heart Cemetery

"One of the holiest works, one of the best exercises of piety that we can practice in this world is to offer sacrifices, alms, and prayers for the dead."
-St. Augustine

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Cemetery Policy

Whereas the Sacred Heart Cemetery is the property of Sacred Heart Church and all funds collected for burial plots are for the perpetual care of the burial plot, which does not constitute ownership, the cemetery board of the parish has adopted this policy.

  1.     The Frazee Sacred Heart Church Board and Sacred Heart Cemetery Committee shall have the supervision over the Sacred Heart Cemetery. The Sacred Heart Cemetery Committee shall be responsible for the care and appearance of the Cemetery.
  2.     The charge per internment is $500.00 in a plot. Purchasing a Niche in the Columbarium is $750.
  3.     The old part of the cemetery is full and no plots are for sale.
  4.     NO more than two interments (full burial or urn) may be placed in a single gravesite/plot unless prior approval is obtained from the Sacred Heart Cemetery Committee.
  5.     Before any grave is dug or any marker placed, the correct location must be verified.  For location staking, contact:  Keith Adams at 218.334.2405.  A fee of $20.00 and 24-hour notice is required for each of these staking services.
  6.     When purchasing a monument, please make sure the monument fits on the space allowed. For allowable sizes and location staking, contact:  Keith Adams at 218.334.2405. A fee of $20.00 and 24-hour notice is required for each of these staking services.
  7.     Persons wishing to have a winter burial will pay the cost of regular burial plus any additional costs because of frozen ground or snow removal.  This additional expense will be the actual incurred expense.
  8.     There is NO planting of trees, bushes or permanent plants. Also NO benches or other bulky items are permitted without permission from the Sacred Heart Cemetery Committee.
  9.     Any alterations or renovations must have prior approval of the Cemetery Committee.
  10. NO individual mowing or watering with a sprinkler of grass is to be done.
  11. All artificial plants need to be removed by July 5.  Potted plants that are connected to the gravestone or on raised holders may remain on the plot as long as they are in good condition and well maintained. Mementoes and other articles left in remembrance must fit on the headstone or base or they will be removed. 
  12. On the gravestones placed in the Sacred Heart Cemetery and faceplates on the Columbarium, epitaphs and symbols engraved on gravestones/faceplates cannot be contrary to the Christian faith.

These policies were adopted from the “Minnesota Catholic Cemetery Rule & Regulations” that govern Cemeteries in the State of Minnesota and the Diocese.