Eucharistic Adoration

"Could you not watch one hour with me?"

Mark 14:37

Thursdays 9:30 am - Benediction at 7:00 pm

On the third Thursday of every month, Sacred Heart offers 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration.

Please prayerfully consider committing to one hour.

A Prayer for Adoration: O Sacrament Most Holy

A shroud of divine light
ignites the breath of the perpetual flame
with the burning of crimson hope
where the passionate rose blossoms.

The golden Tabernacle
reveals His glorious splendor
aglow with the radiance of Christ
that permeates the hallowed space.

Ode to the humbled silence;
the reverent stillness,
the wellspring of Grace.
In the Blessed Sacrament He waits.

The Living Water flows from the spring;
a Fountain of Holy Love
quenches thirst
and offers the Bread of Life.

Heaven kisses Earth.
Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity
Adoration of the Sacred Host

The lamp burns brightly
near the dwelling place
with the Real Presence;
Jesus in the Eucharist.